Complexity SOLVED
Challenges RESOLVED
Your Wealth EVOLVED

Many wealthy families have neither the time nor the tools to successfully navigate the complexities of their wealth.

They need an advocate to guide them.

At Advocus, we have the experience and expertise to manage the intricacies of high-level compensation and revenue streams. And we elevate these skills with a genuine compassion for our clients’ pursuit of achieving their goals while protecting their future.

Our personal empathy and business acumen fortify the relationships our clients can rely on and trust.

Advocus Private Wealth is a specialized wealth advisory practice working closely with successful families to address circumstances particular to their unique aspirations:

Business Executives

  • Intricate compensation plans and benefit packages
  • Illiquidity challenges
  • Concentrated stock risk and SEC reporting matters
  • Public wealth

Multi-Generational Families

  • Next Gen development
  • Advanced philanthropic initiatives
  • Wealth structuring and complex transfer techniques
  • Security matters


  • Diversification concerns
  • Key-man and other insurances to protect spouse and family
  • Illiquidity challenges
  • Exit strategy planning

Athletes & Entertainers

  • Compressed earnings career
  • Sudden and public wealth
  • Adjusting to new fame
  • Managing complex family dynamics
  • Living in an environment of spending

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