For most people, financial anything is complex. But it’s about your future, so it’s important. We understand. We care. We get it.

As an experienced team of wealth advisors, Advocus helps successful individuals and families of wealth find confidence in their financial situation.

  • We simplify the complexities of your wealth.
  • We clarify the value of your options.
  • We build sophisticated planning and investment solutions that focus on protecting your future.

You & Your Family

We know that, as a successful individual, you hold a unique set of talents and face nuanced circumstances, ranging from your professional responsibilities to the intricacies of your compensation to the demanding role of your family.

We are experienced wealth advisors who have spent decades earning a strong reputation because we have the genuine empathy to focus on you as a person, and the financial acumen to serve your best interests now and for the future.

Our Values


We sit on the same side of the table as you, serving as your advocates and fiduciaries, promising our integrity and accountability.


Because we believe in honesty and open communications as a means of building lasting trust, we commit to being transparent in all our actions.


Passionate about our role as advisor, we look to share with you the insights and understanding of how to optimize the value of your wealth.

Active listening

By listening carefully to understand your dreams and goals, we are able to provide custom solutions to pursue the outcomes most important to you.


We look to create a deep connection with you on the personal, individual level, by surrounding you with genuine care and confidence in the decision making that will shape your future.