Michael Denti, CIMA®

Strategic Advisor

Drawing on the experience gained from over 40 years as a finance and capital markets professional, Michael provides advice and guidance to the Advisors and clients of Advocus. Michael specializes in high-level sourcing and structuring to help uncover best-in-class opportunities and solutions for Advocus’ customized portfolio offering.

Prior to joining Advocus, Michael enjoyed a successful 38-year career at Merrill Lynch, with the last 18 years in the Private Wealth division where he was a Managing Director, Private Wealth Advisor, and Global Institutional Consultant. He is also a Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) professional. In this role, he advised highly successful individuals, families, and institutional clients. Michael returned from Merrill in 2021 and dedicated considerable thought and study to identify what would be most impactful, meaningful, creative, and charitable projects to pursue in his next phase of life. He feels that working with the Advisors and clients of Advocus meets those objectives.

Michael earned a Bachelor’s degree from Westminster College Salt Lake City, Summa Cum Laude. Michael and his wife reside in Highlands, NC and enjoy travels to New Zealand and Naples, FL. They are involved with numerous charitable activities in their local community as well as in New Zealand and India.